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Marshmallow Minions

Anyone who has been talking to me over the last one week has heard the word ‘Minion’ atleast a couple of millions times. (I wish I was even closely exaggerating!) No, I have not seen the movie, yet! 🙁 But

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Our All Time Favorite Desserts

I was born in a Bengali family, which pretty much meant that I was born with a sweet tooth. Sandesh, Rasugulla, Payesh (Read: Payasam) are household standards. The culture is such that you are encouraged to have and share sweets.

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My tryst with Food, in Pune.

I was in Pune over the weekend, relaxing and catching up with an old friend, and both were long due, mind you. Lovely weather, quaint, tucked in cafes and lots of hogging were some of the predominantly awesome and my

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Cupcake Cravings

The rains are here. Well, a lot of people are sighing about the romance in the air, the prettiness of the weather and the general feeling of laziness which seems to envelope everyone and absolute bring down efficiency in the

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Food for Thought?

Food is powerful. It stirs your soul. And it makes you forget everything. And look forward to dessert! ♥

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