Coffee, love?

Coffee is my favorite food.

Coffee is my lifestyle.

Coffee is my love. <3


And more coffee.. 🙂

I Love Coffee

I Love Coffee <3

I was asked, what do you want to be when you grow up? As a kid I answered that I wanted to be a good person. It was only recently that I realized that all I want to do, is eat good food. And make good food, since; for me, and I quote George Bernard Shaw - "There is no love sincerer, than the love of food."

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  • Inba

    Cheers …Glad to know it !

    Am a big time coffee freak too… Have tried Indian, Brazilian, Arabic, Italy, Ethiopian grands !!

    My day starts and ends with a black coffee.. Its not just a drink to me, but a Power!

    • Anindita Debnath

      Hey Inba,

      Nice to know. I have a lot of friends who are absolute coffee lovers! 🙂