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Good Food means a Good Life!

Life is how we make it to be! Some people wish to have a lot of money, whereas some want fame. Some want to get a tattoo, and some people want to go sky diving. Our passions define us, mould

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Food Quotes #5

Well, we haven’t posted a food quote in a while! Remember how much we loved our alcohol, especially our wines? We had gone quite berserk with our various food quotes including the wine quotes! 😀 Well, here is one more

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Coffee Anyone?

Have you started your day on the wrong side of the bed? We all have. However, I also know that a strong cup of coffee does make my day better. Late nights in office, headaches, heartaches. Coffee is your one

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Love. Love for Food. And Wasted Chocolate Chip Cake.

Maybe you don’t truly know what love is. Maybe you truly have never have had the food experience which changed your life forever! Trust me. Food is in Love. Love is in Chocolate Chip Cake!     Especially one that is

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Food for Thought?

Food is powerful. It stirs your soul. And it makes you forget everything. And look forward to dessert! ♥

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