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My Favorite Chefs

Food for me did not happen overnight. I did not wake up one day knowing that I will want to eat beautiful food and create some where possible. There are many people who are responsible for this transformation, my favorite

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Food Cravings

Well, hey everyone. Friday is here! Yayyy!! 😀 I have been craving a whole different bunch of foods off late. The bad weather gets me down and I always crave food when the weather goes gloomy. If I were to

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Breakfast, Anyone?

Well, when I do wake up and have a lot of time on my hands, a leisurely breakfast and some fun conversation is the most relaxing thing to do. Now, time being a luxury and me waking up in time

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Good Food means a Good Life!

Life is how we make it to be! Some people wish to have a lot of money, whereas some want fame. Some want to get a tattoo, and some people want to go sky diving. Our passions define us, mould

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Super Healthy Baked Fish With Vegetables Recipe

So, remember my obsession with eating fish? (The bengali that I am!) I absolutely love fish, both freshwater and seawater fish. However, more often than not, there is likely to be freshwater fish at home. The recipe for baked fish,

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Marshmallow Minions

Anyone who has been talking to me over the last one week has heard the word ‘Minion’ atleast a couple of millions times. (I wish I was even closely exaggerating!) No, I have not seen the movie, yet! 🙁 But

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Food Quotes #5

Well, we haven’t posted a food quote in a while! Remember how much we loved our alcohol, especially our wines? We had gone quite berserk with our various food quotes including the wine quotes! 😀 Well, here is one more

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Best International Beers

I am a recent and new addition to the long list of beer drinkers and the even longer list of beer lovers! I had my first beer this year (Yes, I know. Totally Ashamed!) I started off with Kingfisher Ultra

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Our All Time Favorite Desserts

I was born in a Bengali family, which pretty much meant that I was born with a sweet tooth. Sandesh, Rasugulla, Payesh (Read: Payasam) are household standards. The culture is such that you are encouraged to have and share sweets.

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My tryst with Food, in Pune.

I was in Pune over the weekend, relaxing and catching up with an old friend, and both were long due, mind you. Lovely weather, quaint, tucked in cafes and lots of hogging were some of the predominantly awesome and my

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