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5 Reasons Why Coffee is Awesome!

Well, I absolutely love coffee. Anyone who knows me, will personally vouch for it. A cup of cappuccino, well; it is very easy to win me over with the promise of a good, strong cappuccino. However, if a hazelnut latte or

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Coffee Anyone?

Have you started your day on the wrong side of the bed? We all have. However, I also know that a strong cup of coffee does make my day better. Late nights in office, headaches, heartaches. Coffee is your one

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Coffee, love?

Coffee is my favorite food. Coffee is my lifestyle. Coffee is my love. <3 Coffee. And more coffee.. 🙂

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Food Quotes #3

Don’t we all love wine? Well, I am extremely guilty of drinking wine. White especially. I also love cooking with wine. Pastas, baked vegetables in white sauce, wine cake, chocolate wine cake. Mmmmm. So, when I came across this quote,

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Food Quotes #2

Breakfast is a great way to start your day. It keeps you energised, happy and nourished. Not to mention, that for people like me; breakfast is possibly one of the few things that drags me out of bed!   Hence,

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Love. Love for Food. And Wasted Chocolate Chip Cake.

Maybe you don’t truly know what love is. Maybe you truly have never have had the food experience which changed your life forever! Trust me. Food is in Love. Love is in Chocolate Chip Cake!     Especially one that is

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Food for Thought?

Food is powerful. It stirs your soul. And it makes you forget everything. And look forward to dessert! ♥

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Food Quotes

The most simple truth in life. And you smile because you know it is true!    

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Quick Chicken Salami Sandwich

At the end of a hectic day, I can only imagine how lazy you feel when it comes to making dinner. The thought of going to the kitchen and spending time to prepare dinner is a thought that is best

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